Our virtual assistants are the jack / jill of all trades! 

Just some of the ways our VAs can assist you:

  • General administration

  • Account updates: bank reconciliation, invoicing, paying suppliers

  • PA service: calendar management, followup from meetings, responding to emails and phone calls on your behalf

  • Customer service: liaising with clients and service providers

  • Website updates: guided content updates

  • Social media updates: guided content updates

  • Workflow management: managing changing deadlines and priorities

  • Marketing: guided marketing campaigns

  • Event management: organise event details and online ticketing

  • Travel bookings: Booking flights, accomodation, tours, travel insurance, hire cars, travel itinerary, visas

  • Document creation & formatting: documents, spreadsheets & slides



We have a range of other services you can benefit from!

Just some of the ways our virtual team can assist you:

  • Ontraport funnels: CRM with customisable fields and tags, automated marketing campaigns tailor designed for your business, landing pages and ecommerce are just the beginning!  

  • Website updates: need an update on your website? Wordpress, Wix and other web host platforms

  • Bookkeeping: data entry, accounts payable / receivable, account reconciliation, payroll

  • Graphic design: logos, infographics, social media graphics / banners

  • Video editing: simply send us your iPhone / camera recording and we'll do the rest ~ intro / outro, background music, subtitles, credits and anything else you want

  • All of our VAs are handpicked and vetted to suit your business needs

  • Have previous administration experience.

  • They are professional, confidential and discreet.

  • Able to take charge or follow instructions as needed.

  • Excellent phone manner, time management and attention to detail.



Just some of the programs our VAs are proficient with:


  • Document creation ~ MS Word, Excel & Powerpoint ~ Google Docs, Sheets & Forms

  • Calendar & email access ~ Google, iCloud, Office365 

  • File sharing ~ Dropbox, Google Drive

  • Social media ~ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Email marketing ~ Mailchimp

  • Project management ~ Flow, Asana

  • Password sharing ~ Enpass

  • Event management ~ Eventbrite

  • Video conferencing ~ Zoom, Skype 

  • Website content updates ~ Wix, Wordpress

  • Virtual teams ~ Upwork


       These are just of the programs we use. If there is a particular program you use, just let us know.


Some ways to connect with your VA:


  • Phone & Video conference: Whether you prefer to call, or talk face to face with your VA over video. 

  • Calendar & Email: Share access to your calendar and email. Setup a work email address for your VA if they need to represent your company. 

  • File Sharing: Easily share files using Dropbox or Google Drive. View documents live through Google Docs, Sheets & Forms. 

  • Workflow: Stay on track with a scheduled weekly call (or onsite visit) to discuss your priorities and manage changing deadlines.

  • Tasks: Use a project management system like Flow or Asana, to easily delegate, track and receive updates on assigned tasks.

  • Passwords: Share your passwords easily through Enpass, which keeps them encrypted and syncs between devices and users.


       How you can work well with your VA:


  • Communicate: Clearly communicate your deadlines and preferences.

  • Delegate: Know what tasks you can delegate to your VA.

  • Connect: Streamline your systems and procedures to easily connect.

  • Laugh: Mistakes will be made. Have a laugh and work out how to prevent them next time.