Embrace hard work

Into February and already I feel like I have had to jump a few hurdles! My training runs help remind me that nothing is gained without pain, sweat and hard work. As my coach fondly reminds me…it’s not about avoiding pain but how to manage it well.

Bringing this wisdom into my world and a great mantra to get comfortable with is "Get used to hard work and working hard!!" Nothing great comes easy, unless you’re one of those super fortunate people... then I hate you!! *jokes* *but not really :)*

The only limits you have are what you set for yourself. If you don’t know how to do something, learn. There are so many pathways to explore that can bring you to where you want to go. But guess what? It's going to require you to put in the effort!! No magic genie here baby!

A few things I’m re-learning on this journey of self-discovery in 2019:

1. Get used to hard work

Don’t expect whatever you’re wanting to come easy. Then you won’t be surprised when it doesn’t! :)

2. Get used to failure

You’re only going to fail because you’re trying. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It's not a dirty word. Be proud of your failures!! At least you've got the guts to try!

3. Get up and go again!

Have your sad moment. Empty that box of tissues but the next day get up and go again! You may feel like your dream has just been crushed, but if look at the bigger picture of your whole life you'll realise it was actually one step getting you closer! Only you determine when your dream is over! Don’t be one of those people that give up too soon and then carry the disappointment of dreams unfulfilled into every area and relationship in their world!! They're not fun to be around :)

4. Get some fight!

Every time you fail is a great moment to ask yourself why you want what you’re going after? Let that desire stir up your inner fire, refine your purpose and strengthen your resolve to suck it up and be ready to work for it again! Get some fight into you!!

5. Have a fan club

None of us are designed to do life alone. We need encouragement in some way, shape or form, especially when we’re foraying into new areas that require extra courage and emotional / mental fortitude. Who is barracking for you? In the last 100 metres when my coach is running by my side yelling at me to finish strong...that can make all the difference between crossing the finish line well or falling short of it. Lucky (or unluckily) for me even when I do fall short of it, my coach is there urging me onto the next lap!

6. Emotional endurance

If you want to last for the long haul then you need to develop some emotional endurance. Too many emotional ups and downs, life changes, people coming and going around you won’t help provide that safe place outside of the fight. Think about how you can simplify your life and nurture the good relationships you have because they’ll be the ones to pick you up when you don’t think you can go any further.

Final thought: Nothing is impossible. You can have it all. IF you're willing to embrace hard work!!

Rachel :)

Rachel is the Manager of Happie Solutions

which provide Australian based virtual

assistants. Her professional background has been providing EA / PA assistance for directors and business owners over the last 15+ years. She supports all Happie clients and VAs to ensure a smooth transition and solve any trouble shooting along the way.

She would love to hear any questions you may have:

+61 3 9071 1252




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