The art of delegation is a life saver!

Picture this:

You're a plumber. You excel at what you do and love the plumbing side of the business. What you don't love as much is the administration processes that are vital for your plumbing business to grow and be a success: following up quotes, late invoices, booking in the jobs, confirming appointments, and so on...

You work as a plumber by day and admin slave by night. Living the dream, right?...!!!

It is sometimes necessary when you're starting your business to have a broad skill set to get going. But as your business grows you should be able to focus on what you enjoy and delegate more.

Think about this:

1. How much do you earn for the skill, trade or profession that you are experienced in?

2. What percentage of your working day is actually spent using that skill vs performing other tasks that aren't direct income earners but essential for your business?

3. If you were to delegate those tasks and have those hours working in your profession how much would you earn?

4. How much would you need to pay to delegate those tasks?

It's simple arithmetic.

If you earn more in your profession, doing the tasks you enjoy and can pay less to delegate the tasks that take up your time but don't bring you direct have a winner!

By actually being in front of your clients you're earning 100% income and increasing your business reputation which allows you to delegate other tasks that don't generate direct income but are vital to keep your business growing.

The likelihood is that whoever you hire will enjoy looking after your admin tasks and do a better job then you :)

Rachel :)

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