You have a big idea and you're excited!

You've worked out your target market and you're ready to unleash your marketing genius to hook those clients!

You begin those carefully crafted marketing strategies and wait...

And wait...

Still waiting...


*disgruntled sigh*

You're not alone! :)

Here are a couple tips to encourage you along the way:

1. Keep your head up ~ Anything worth having will involve time, sacrifice, disappointments and setbacks...but pat yourself on the back that you're having a go!

2. Try, try and try again! ~ None of this "It didn't work so I'm giving up" nonsense! If you're convinced you have a great idea and you have the skillset to back it up then there's no reason it can't work! You are trying to connect that big idea with a target market it appeals to and that will require constant revision and continual trial of different strategies until you begin to hook some fish!

3. Stay excited ~ Every setback is simply taking you one step closer to finding the right strategy to connect with your target market! Once you find out world!!

4. Track yourself ~ Record what strategies work / don't work so you can have something to measure up against and help shape the decision for what step to try next.

5. Be competitive ~ How can you offer your product / service one step ahead of other competitors and at a better price? Make yourself irresistible to potential clients.

There is a big ocean of ideas out there with lots of fish swimming around. You might have a great idea but you're simply using the wrong bait. Your job is to figure out what will make the fish bite :) After that it's a simple hook and reel them in!

If it doesn't work simply try something different.

Rachel :)

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