VA Coaching
How to become a virtual assistant?

1. VA Transition ~ Become your own boss  $1 intro session!

2.  5 Key Skill Set ~ What services should I offer?

3.  Presentation ~ How do I sell my services? 

4.  Delivery ~ How do I deliver my services? 

5.  Marketing ~ 5 free methods to marketing! 

Have you ever wondered how to work online?

Where to start, how to find clients, how to stand out?
In just 5 sessions, I can help you find your place in the VA world! With a weekly coaching session, I will help you create your own VA startup and get you on your way to working remotely and living your career dream.
I am an Australian-based VA coach, helping VAs transition in and get their business up and running as quickly as possible.

I specialise in developing your offering and getting you started in the right direction for success!


From my experience running a successful VA business, I know what to look for, how to attract clients, skills that businesses want and how to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
We'll explore how to:


  1. VA Transition ~ Become your own boss

  2. 5 Key Skill Set ~ What services should I offer?

  3. Presentation ~ How do I sell my services?

  4. Delivery ~ How do I deliver my services?

  5. Marketing ~ 5 free methods to marketing!

Coaching includes:


  • Intro session at just $1 - a 30 minute zoom or telephone call to find out an overview of the course.

  • 4x sessions of 40 minute zoom calls to get your VA business up and running as quickly as possible!

  • Session overview: 10 minute intro + 20 minute session topic + 10 minute Q&A 

  • Action points after each call to keep you accountable and get you to work!!

  • Audio and video recordings of the sessions.

  • At the end of the course, you are added into our private VA Facebook group which gives you access to job opportunities through our VA agency as they become available.

Next step

You can add on a private coaching session with Rachel scheduled for after you have finished the coaching series. In this call I will analyse your specific situation and tailor a transition plan that will work for you! I will help you in your individual journey to setting up a successful VA business!

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"Could I become a virtual assistant?

I wouldn't know where to start?!"...


It's easier then you think! I'll show you how to transition from the corporate office into your own virtual one: less stress, more time and all from the luxury of your own home!

And receive ~
"5 free methods to marketing"

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